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  • Cropped Hoodie Elegance 
  • Buttery Soft Fabric 
  • Built-In Bra with Removable Pads 
  • Adjustable Waist and Cuffs 
  • Open Back Sophistication 
  • Versatile Wear 
  • Quality Craftsmanship 
  • Easy Maintenance 
  • Composition: 88% cotton, 12% polyester
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Cropped Hoodie Chic: Our cropped hoodie is here to bring a splash of chic to your athleisure game. It’s like a style hug you’ll never want to take off!

Butter-Soft Bliss: Picture the softest, buttery-soft hug you’ve ever had – that’s how our hoodie feels against your skin. It’s like a cozy cloud you can wear all day. 

Bra Bliss, Your Way: Our hoodie comes with a built-in bra that’s like a bestie for your bust. Plus, you can pop in or out the pads whenever you please – it’s all about your comfort, girl! 

Customize Your Fit: It’s time to own your style! With adjustable waist and cuffs, you’re the boss of how snug or loose you want to rock this hoodie. 

Show Off Your Back: We’re all about that open-back charm. It’s like a peek-a-boo for your style – showing just enough to keep things interesting.

Ready for Every Adventure: This hoodie is not just a fashion statement; it’s a versatile companion for all your escapades. From gym sessions to coffee dates, it’s got your back, literally! 

Crafted with Love: We’ve poured love and attention into making this hoodie, and it shows in every stitch. It’s a piece of fashion art designed to make you shine. 

No-Fuss Fabulousness: Despite all its cool features, taking care of this hoodie is a breeze. No drama, just fabulous vibes every time you slip it on. 

Weight N/A
Dimensions 15.74 × 12.59 × 0.78 in

XS, S, M, L, XL


  1. Daphne Ross

    Very cute workout hoodie that fits perfectly….I love the way the back looks too. Very comfortable.

  2. afrorazz

    The words sexy and hoodie don’t seem like they should go together but FITOLOGY makes it possible with this off-shoulder, cropped hoodie.

    The whole look of it from the open shoulder and back to the midriff baring cropped length is great. I absolutely love it. The hoodie is padded but it’s a little weird because the bust is not actually fitted. If you are bigger chested you will need something on underneath, either a sports or sticky bra. I have no girls so I went without. The cinched bottom does prevent the girls from falling out.

    The fit and arm length are perfect. I usually find most sleeves too short for my arms. I ordered the XS and I am 5’10, 118 lbs, 32 A/B-25-34 for reference.

    This hoodie is perfect for wearing during warm up and conditioning in our always cold pole studio. It gives you some warmth on the arms while keeping you looking sexy!!

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